The Goddess and The VampireThe first book in the series. Here Wilhem meets Katie the Elf, and through her, the Goddess Desiara. Along the way we met Andy, a former Hunter, Kilestra, a fellow vampire, Sally, one of Wil's Chosen, and many others. The fate of the world hangs in the balance and Wil wants to do something about it. Just not right away.
The Oracle and The VampireThe Vampire Queen of America comes to Fort Worth, Texas and asks Wilhem Walengrave to help her find her missing Oracle. Wil tracks down leads, meets a couple of Fortune Tellers, and has to compete with another Vampire Code Enforcer. Along the way he tracks down a few Rogues, deals with problems at home, and has a few problems with a group of Dwarfs.
The Shadow Twin and The VampireWil and Kilestra have known each other for a hundred years, but there are things about the Ancient Vampire that Wil has never known. We find out a bit more about Kilestra and how it came to pass that she has a handsome young porn star as a Master. Wil tracks down Rogue Supernaturals and helps solve the mysteries surrounding Kilestra's odd behavior of late.