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Elf Yourself with JibJab

The good people at JibJab have teamed up with the good people at OfficeMax to fulfill everyone’s dream of becoming an Elf. Yes, Elf Yourself is back and you can make yourself into an Elf and watch your elf self dance ala JibJab style.

There are four dances to choose from, Classic, Country, Disco, and Charleston. These are not long dances, but they are kind of fun. The Charleston is in beautiful sepia tone. You dance a solo in the Classic, but are accompanied by other elfs in the rest of the dances.

Now if watching your Elf Self dance like John Travolta isn’t enough for you, you can buy the video of the dance for years of silly Elf watching. There is also the Elf Self store where you can buy such items as mouse pads, greeting cards, and coffee mugs with your Elf Self in a starring role. There are also Christmas ornaments and playing cards. Though to be honest, I have to wonder how many people will take advantage of the opportunity have a mug with their Elf Self on it.

It’s good to see someone has a bit of that old holiday spirit. The Elf Self maker itself is pretty straight forward, once you upload an image you can zoom in or out and rotate it. There are elastic selection handles similar to the ones found in most image editing software. It’s pretty easy to fit the face to the elf.

It’s the kind of thing that makes you proud to be an American.

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    I don’t know… it just sounds too kinky to me “elf yourself”
    I’ll just have to stay with the old holyday traditions like turkey smoking and relatives bashing.
    Happy thanks giving to you and to all your readers!

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