$800 Billion Bailout-Give Me a Couple of Billion

As long the Givernment is pretending they have endless supplies of money, why can’t we all play?

They could give everyone in America a couple of billion dollars and still have plenty of make believe money left over. That would be a real kick start to the economy. Five or six hundred dollars is throw away money. Seriously, I didn’t even notice the last stimulus package as it was not enough to be noticed. But a couple of Billion Dollars, and yes, I think it should be capitalized, that would make a real difference in my life.

It used to be said that the difference between a million dollars and a billion dollars was that you could spend a million dollars, while you couldn’t spend a billion dollars. Ah, those were the good old days, now The United States Government is happily spending a trillion dollars-well, not really, it’s not like they actually have a trillion dollars. It’s all smoke and mirrors.

So why not let every man, woman, and child in America join the party? We don’t need new roads and bridges-WE NEED CASH!! So take that Stimulus package and dole it out to real Americans, not fake Corporations. What if every American Citizen had two billion dollars to toss around? We’d all spend it, right? That’s what they want, for everyone to spend money. Only we don’t have any money.

This would also fix the banks, as we would all have to put those our billions of dollars somewhere, at least until we put it all in the pockets of Hummer dealers and McMansion makers. There would be no more debt, as we could all then afford to pay off our credit cards. We wouldn’t care what out mortgages were, because we could pay them off on the spot. We could all go to Africa and each adopt a couple of kids before Angelina gets over there and beats us to it. We’d all have new cars, new houses, new clothes, new computers, and anything else that comes in New.

And if that whole saving thing is really important, put in a clause that we have to save half of our $2 Billion Dollar Stimulus Check for when we burn through the first billion. That whole live off the interest thing becomes a reality when you have a billion dollars in the bank.

I know what your thinking. It would never work because no one would work any more, why should they? But hey, Brad Pitt and George Clooney work, and they sure don’t need the money. Maybe we’d all be like Forest Gump, and once we didn’t have to worry about money anymore, we’d find out what we really want to do with out lives. If it turns out we all want to sit around and watch TV, I’m sure there will always be reruns of Gillian’s Island we can watch on our 150 inch flat screen TVs.

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