A Fistful of Vitamins

After a month or so on the UltraMind Solution diet and lifestyle plan, I am feeling much better.  Of course, feeling better is one of those things that is often hard to put a finger on.  I used to be really big on trying every kind of vitamin and supplement I could find.  A lot of this stuff worked wonders-for the first week or two.  Bee pollen, royal jelly, phosphatidylserine, CoQ-10 & N-Acetyle-somethng, B vitamins, and of course, coffee in all it’s wonderous forms.  I am also a huge fan of Taurine, the stuff that give Red Bull it’s kick.

I am currently taking a nice assortment of vitamins and supplements to help with my milk, wheat, caffeine, and mostly sugar free life.  Calcium, Magnesium, all the B vitamins, a regular Multivitamin, DHEA, melatonin, Green Tea, Garlic, policolsanol, alpha-lipoic acid, flax seed oil, potassium, fish oil, probiotics, CoQ-10, Acetyl L-Carnitine, 5-HTP, and D3.  I think that’s about it.

These vitamins are broken into several doses a day taken with meals, and a small assortment before heading off to bed.  This is not too far from my old routines, with only one or two additions and taken a bit more often.  Every once in a while this cocktail or stack or whatever you want to call it, makes me feel like my molecules are vibrating and I may shift into another dimenison at any moment.  This is not an unpleasent feeling.  I always wanted to visit that world where JFK married Marilyn Monroe and the glory days of the 1950s never ended.

I have been doing a bit of working out as well as taking vitamins and eating food, not too much, mostly plants.  Over the last month or so I have lost about 12 or 13 pounds.  Since I had no particular goal in mind so far as weight loss goes, this seems like a good start.  I still have forty pounds to go before my Body Mass Index is where the charts say it should be.  I have serious doubts about these things, but it has been a long time since I had a BMI of 25 or less, so who knows?  I don’t think I look that overweight.

Back in the Day, when I was cycling a couple of hundred miles a week and eating everything I could find, I had that bodybuilding fat level of about 2%.  This meant that I had just about no body fat and that my abs were clearly defined under smooth skin.  When I stopped cycling, a layer of fat appeared as if by magic and has remained there ever since.  I have always believed that if I really wanted to loose about twenty pounds I could just ride my bike somewhere a couple of hundred miles a way.  For some reason, I can’t get too excited by an exercise bike.  It’s really not the same at all.

I have worked my way through most of the recipes in The UltraMind Solution Guidebook and I have liked all of them.  I have started to get a  callus on my finger from chopping so many veggies.  But I do like chopping.  Jason Sheehan of Cooking Dirty fame talked about going into a chopping fugue where the world fell away to nothing but that bowl full of carrots or potatoes that needed to be machine-gunned through.  There is something to that.

This has been a big change for me.  I’ve gone from driving around saying:Well, what do I want to eat today? to thinking about what I am eating and cooking the food myself.  I am eating less than I used to, and I am thinking about food more than I used to.  The important part of any diet is what you eat, not just how much you eat.  And be sure to take your vitamins and drink lots of water.

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