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A while back I wrote a post about Photofiddle, a company that fiddles your photos and turns them into stretched canvas works of art. It’s a pretty cool little site. You send them a hi res color image and they turn it into art by using Photoshop type filter effects. I wrote a blog post about fine art canvas prints from Photofiddle in April.

As a blogger I have been known to do paid posts and I do have ads on my blog. The post about Photofiddle was not a paid post-it was a Google Trends post and it got a lot of hits when I first wrote it. If you write it and you get readers, you have done what you set out to do.

So I was surprised to get an email not too long ago from Photofiddle thanking me for writing a post about Photofiddle and offering me a free stretched canvas. I guess they got a few hits from If You Write It. I submitted the image of Stone Steps seen here and they offered a number of different toning and image manipulations for my free canvas. I chose a nice sepia tone as I kind of like the way the image looks and didn’t want to alter it too much.

My canvas print arrived in a nice shipping box and included a pair of white gloves for handling. My Photofiddle stretched canvas is 12×18 inches and an inch and half thick. It looks really good. That whole canvas weave gives the image a nice feel of quality, like a fine art canvas print should.

The Photofiddle.com site went online in June 2004 and not long after the launch received a bit of press from the Washington Post, USA Today, PC Magazine & more. The Washington Post called Photofiddle “buzz worthy”, USA Today reviewed their photo on canvas and picked them as the best, and PC Mag rated Photofiddle 4 out of 5 stars.

What really put Photofiddle.com on the map was when Oprah put it on the O list in 2006. Since then Photofiddle has become one of the top sites on the Internet. Photofiddle’s Alexa traffic rating is 182,995. More recently, the Today Show picked Photofiddle.com as a great DIY decorating idea, the CBS Early Show featured it as a best Mother’s Day gift idea, and the New York Times editor wrote a great article including Photofiddle.com.

As a blogger that liked the idea of Photofiddle I like the actual product even better.

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