Affiliate Millions-Does This Work For Anyone?

Anyone that has thought about making money online has likely run across a couple of slightly shady sounding ideas about how to do it. Two of the ones that I found interesting were GoogleCash and Adwords Arbitage. These are very similar in nature, in the Google Cash model you join an Affiliate program and use Adword ads to point at the Affiliates page-so long as you make more than the click cost to get them there, your in business. Adwords Arbitrage is a bit more complex, as it involves actually have a landing page of your own. The idea here is to cover that landing page with high paying Adsense ads and then point your customer at the page with an Adwords ad. Make more on the Adsense ad than you paid for the Adwords ad and your making money. Neither one seems to be as easy as the writers of these ebooks make them sound. There is also the issue of you get what you pay for, these little ebooks are available for free in any number of places online.
So I have been thinking about making money online and hoping that I might be able to leave the Dreaded Real Job and retire to the South of France. This is a recurring theme among my get rich quick schemes, that and losing anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars on them. So I decided to look at a few real books and see what they had to say about making money online. I would have to say that the most honest of these books is Make Easy Money Using Google. It promises that if you follow his advice and place some Adsense ads on your blog that you will make ‘some money’ and that ‘some money is better than no money.’ It is possible to raise your daily Adsense earning from a few cents to a few dollars using his advice, but really, a hundred times nothing is still nothing. Ok, that is not totally fair, you can pay for the price of his book in about a few days if all goes well.
So being the greedy fellow that I am, I bought a book called Affiliate Millions with hopeful optimism that this would hold the key to making millions of dollars using all those Affiliate programs out there. So image my surprise when I get down to the nuts and bolts and find that he is advising using the GoogleCash method. He says that others have come up with the same idea that he used to make his millions, and that he is still make a lot of money right now. So, why not? I bought the book and am now looking to recoup my thirty bucks-I know, I should have bought it on and saved a couple of dollars.
This book is a pretty good read. It has a lot more numbers and examples than most of the stuff I have read online and I have made a few dollars from affiliate programs in the past. The real eye opener here is that to make a lot of money, you need a lot of Adword ads floating around out there. His advice is to find affiliate accounts where you can make a couple of hundred dollars a months, which is like 7 dollars a day, and then find forty or fifty more that do the same thing. The idea is to pay 5 cents per click and make 9 cents a click, which is 4 cents a click profit. Hmm, yeah, right. Ok, that is good enough advice, but where the book falls miles too short is in telling you exactly how to find these accounts where you can buy keywords for a nickle. I’m here to tell you that I can’t find any keywords that consistently work for five cents. And by consistent I mean day to day. His advice makes enough sense while reading it, but in practice simply doesn’t work-at least not for me.
So maybe I can make a dollar or two a sale from an affiliate and it costs twenty cents or more to send them there, what’s the problem? Not everyone that clicks on your ad buys the product. In the Adsense world if you get one clcik per hundred views your doing pretty good. So if it costs you a hundred clicks to make two dollars, you’ll go broke in a big hurry.
The Author talks constantly about insuring that you are making the most profit by tweaking the campaign and adjusting you keywords and bidding price to reach the most profitable point. Again, all well and good if you can ever find a campaign that is making a profit. Spend weeks or months getting it all right. Again, OK, how about telling me how to that?
Buy hey, I am always willing to give it another try. Affiliate Millions is full of impressive sounding numbers and a lot of jargon and I keep thinking if I re-read enough of the stuff that doesn’t make any sense, maybe it will start to make sense.
Or maybe I’ll just start looking for another book.

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