Age of Adaline

age-of-adaline-1 A few spoilers and such.

Adaline was in a car wreck and then struck by lightening. It’s the kind of thing that gives people in comic books their powers and it’s how Adaline gets to stay young.

Age of Adaline has a lot of quirks. The story makes it necessary to hop around in time, but then, there is not nearly enough time spent in the past. The bulk of the story takes place now and deals with her meeting a rich young man who can make her happy. More Cinderella, anyone? Easily the most annoying thing in Age of Adaline is the constant voice overs read in the style of a 1940s newsreel. We are just told things, like why she doesn’t age or why it suddenly snows, that we don’t need to know.

Among the things that don’t make much sense, Adaline decides she has to move every ten years, but always appears to return to her hometown of San Fransico. She knows many lanuages, but we only see her outside San Franscio once, and then it is in England. Not much happens for the bulk of the film. There are a lot of lovely shots of San Fransico and surrounding areas. Lots of shots of Adaline dressed in lovely clothes. Lots of scenes with Adaline being stalked by her rich new boyfriend.

Blake Lively has a few nice scenes with Ellen Burstyn and Harrison Ford. The sets and locations are nice. And well, nothing continues to happen.

I was sort of expecting one of those scenes where someone ages in twenty seconds and turns into a pile of dust, but Age of Adaline is far too full of sunshine and happiness for something like to have happened. There is the possibility that something will happen to Adaline, that is, until the newsreel kicks in and tells us they all lived happily ever after.

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