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Alexa Rank is the Internet Hit Parade that counts people who look at your site using the Alexa Toolbar. The first step is to use the Alexa Toolbar yourself. You can find the Alexa Toolbar at Alexa Ranking is important if you want to use services like PayPerPost or TLA. Since If You Write It is not in the Top 100,000, as of yet, my PayPerPost offers are in the five dollar a post range and not really worth bothering with. So I am looking at ways of Improving My Alexa Rank. Alexa is an odd bird though and it is hard to tell what most of the Alexa Ranking Numbers mean. My Alexa Rank at the moment-9/30/2007-is 838,980. Before you run screaming why should I take advice from this schmuck?, that is up from 2,500,000 or so a few weeks ago. I have done nothing except add the Firefox Alexa Widget. And write my usual brilliant and baffling prose. As with all SEO, solid writing and posting regularly is always a good idea.
After adding the Alexa Toolbar, I added an Alexa Widget. I am now going to give a shot at using the Alexa Redirect, which is –replace my URL with your own. This redirect then counts people using the link, even if they don’t have the Alexa Toolbar installed. The idea here being to use the Alexa Redirect whenever you have a chance on Digg, StumbleUpon, Propeller, Newsvine, and so on and so forth. Each Alexa Redirect link that is clicked should help your Alexa Rank.
From time to time I read comments from people that don’t care about their Alexa Rank or their Technorati Authority or their Google Page Rank. And that’s fine. Blogs started out as just a way for one lonely person to yell out in the darkness. The facts are that Alexa Rank matters in the larger world of making money with a blog. If you don’t want to make money, then don’t worry about Alexa Rankings.
The Alexa Test is to see if my Alexa Rank goes up using these techniques over the next few months. In the meantime, I have some curious results from my Alexa Rank data.
My Alexa Traffic Rank shows some odd numbers
In Barbados my Alexa Rank is 7,947-I’m HUGE in Barbados, man!
In New Caledonia my Alexa Rank is 13,015-I don’t even know where New Caledonia is.
In Jamaica my Alexa Rank is 22,994-Mon, it’s good to have that high Alexa Rank in Jamaica.
But the one that really shocked me-In the United States my Alexa Rank is 108,814-just a hair away from the Alexa Top 100,000!
And you can file my Alexa Sites Linking In of 80,298 under just plain confusing.
doshdosh has 20 ways to improve your Alexa Rank and has a rank of 6,929 so she must know something.
Avangate has a nice post on How Important is Alexa Ranking?
A couple links here and there never hurt.;)

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