Alicia Silverstone Naked for Peta

The star animal rights supporter has also gone on record blasting fur-wearing celebrities like Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

Alicia Silverstone says “I hope people look at them and think it looks ugly. I hope they look at them and think, ‘Those poor girls, why do they feel they have to wear fur?’

“When I see someone wearing it I think they must be either really stupid or just evil and don’t care.

The star adds that in her opinion if you’re going to wear it, you should go and see where it comes from so as to make an educated choice.

Comcast Cable pulled the naked Alicia Silverstone 30-second spots from the airwaves in Houston.

In the commercial, Alicia Silverstone, 30, steps out of a swimming pool, unclothed and sharing the benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

PETA claims that Houston was chosen because it often ranks high on lists of cities with the worst eating habits. So why did Comcast pull the commercial?

A spokesperson for the cable company cited nudity in their decision to cancel the campaign, though the clips had already been paid for.

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