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Picking up exactly where the last movie left off, AVP 2 is a brisk movie where there is a ton of action and yet nothing seems to happen. The gore and violence in this film is not, as in Sweeney Todd, in any way real.

This did not stop the film makers from trying really hard to push our buttons. They murder a father and son out hunting, a roomful of new born babies, pregnant mothers and their unborn children- and the death count just keeps right on rolling.

But none of these deaths means anything. There is gore and blood splatter, but it is silly and pointless. The Monsters die, the innocent die, the soilders dies-it is 86 minutes of non-stop death. There comes a point in the film where you think they they are going to go ahead and kill everyone, and I mean everyone, you have meet in the film.

After a while the deaths cease to be shocking and it feels like it should be a drinking game-take a shot every time someone dies. You would do a lot of drinking with this film. The only thing missing was an actually body counter in one corner.

I didn’t like the first AVP that much, so it is not real shock that I didn’t like this one much either. The wife likes this kind of thing and she liked the movie fine. She keyed in on the tiny bits of plot and story development between the corpses hitting the pavement. Why did the Pred-Alien like pregnant women? Why did the Pred-Alien hate regular Aliens?

My own questions:why did only one Predator make the trip to Earth to fight off an Alien infestation and why was he so obsessed with getting rid of the bodies?

Like the last Jurrasic Park movie, this is clearly just a way to milk a few more dollars out of the series.

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