Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant – 2015

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how much money you put in the bank.

Jerry Jones’ Personal Mantra

Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys for $140 Million in 1989. The NFL franchise is currently worth around $4 billion.  This is one of the many reasons that fans of the Dallas Cowboys football team, and haters of Dallas Cowboys owner Jones, have a hard time when it comes to Jerry and his bizarre football decisions. Clearly he is not a total idiot. He is only an idiot when it comes to on the field football.

All the problems with the Dallas Cowboys boil down to one, Owner Jerry Jones.

Jerry uses the head coach as a puppet, just as he has from Barry Switzer to Bill Parcels. Jason Garrett follows the Dave Campo mold of walking around with either a huge smile or a baffled look. He knows nothing he does really matters and he isn’t in charge in any way whatsoever, so why should he care?

Jerry Jones fell in love with Tony Romo and gave him a hundred million dollar bonus when most of us were wondering who the new quarterback was going to be, as it’s been clear for a few years now that Tony is on his last legs.  The fact of the matter is that Jerry has built a team that is so built around one player that they really can’t win without him. And often can’t win with him.

Last year was a flunk in the Post Jimmy Johnson Era, a winning season where a running back played a large part in the offense. So naturally Jerry made it job one to get the hell rid of DeMarco Murray, someone who was stealing a bit of the spotlight from Tony Romo.

The other ‘star’ player in Dallas is Dez Bryant. Most people like to recall his Terrell Owens like ability to catch balls and forget about his Terrell Owens like skill at dropping just as many passes as he catches. Dez had a couple of good seasons, but overall has not been the second coming of Michael Irvin.

Jerry Jones continues to solidify his legacy as a loser. As long as Jerry Jones and his idiot son are running the Dallas Cowboys, there is no hope for football greatness. But if you have a product you can slap a Dallas Cowboys logo on, you might be able to make a few bucks.

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