Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant

“A little too much time on the clock,” Rodgers said of the 35 seconds Dallas left him.

So, what’s worse? A team of complete losers that goes 4-12 and has no chance at all of returning to the Glory Days when the Dallas Cowboys won the Super Bowl on a regular basis? Or a team of posers that go 13-3 only to crash and burn like every other Dallas Cowboys team of the past twenty years or so?

The local sports media are still high from the past season. The loss to the Green Bay Packers viewed as a mere speed bump on the road to the next Great Dallas Football Dynasty. The New Triplets, Dak, Zeke, and Dez, had a great day in their losing effort. Oh, just imagine the future!

Ten years ago Tony Romo took over as Quarterback. We all loved him. He was great. He had a few rough patches, but he was a stats monster. All he needed was a couple of more years, and he would have his own set of Super Bowl rings and his own spot in the Hall of Fame. Only, it didn’t work out that way. Turns out being a hero in the Regular Season doesn’t mean he would win Playoff games.

Of course, no one is comparing Dak to Tony, they’re comparing him to Aikman. Troy had a couple of rough years before he started collecting Super Bowl rings.

So what happened? A couple of odd Penalties. The usual poor decisions and clock management we have come to expect from Head Coach Jason Garrett. A Defense that has never been that good, just good enough. And of course, they played a good team that beat them. Most of the local sports mavens spoke of Arron Rodgers in terms like Living Legend, Football God, Greatest Quarterback to ever play the game, and so on. They didn’t lose, in other words, they were beat by an unstoppable titan. Only, he and his team did lose this year, six times.

One of Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones favorite things to do is point to the team that wins the Super Bowl and say, see? We beat them. That could have been us there. Well, yeah, it could have, but it hasn’t been in twenty years.

I blame the Dallas Cowboys failures on Jerry Jones and his odd ideas about football and his odd ideas about who he needs to be loyal too and who he needs to toss out the nearest window. This was a good season and there is the possibility that the team will be improved with a good draft and a couple of good trades. But I’ll be honest, Dak and Zeke are the first two really great additions to the Dallas Cowboys in a very long time. I don’t trust Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett to do the right things again.

I don’t see this as the start of another team like the one Jimmy Johnson put together. I see it as a continuation of the teams that Jerry Jones has hobbled together every since he fired Jimmy.

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