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  • August 2041: Command performance for the Elven Queen in the great tree city Asyho Alari on the Elven Home-world  More details TBA.
  • January 2045: 81-year-old Jon talks to other people living under the bridge: “I used to write books about vampires. Now the damn things have taken over the world.” More details TBA.
  • May 2066: Accidentally transported to the future Jon to tour desolate wasteland that was once known as America. “We called it post-apocalyptic fiction in my day.”. More details TBA.
  • November 1016: Scientists from future make slight error in sending author back to year 2016. Killed King Edmund Ironside by sneezing near him and altered the future in ways only noticeable to author.
  • Stardate 42016: Boy genius Wesley Crusher used a device he found in a shipping container marked Self-Sealing Stem-bolts and rescued Jon from the executioner’s block in London. While planning Galaxy Wide book tour, Jon is arrested by Section 31 for violating Temporal Prime Directive.
  • September 2016 Time Line C:Wakes up at home and sees that Trump and Hillary are still running for President. Seems that all the world is nothing but a Goddess’s dream.





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