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The Night Of

The story of a man who may or may not have killed a woman after he had sex with her. We see a good deal of the story from the young man’s point of view. The Night Of is a

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Fleabag reminded me a bit of GIRLS, in that it calls itself a comedy, but it isn’t exactly funny. Fleabag is the story of a woman on the downswing. She has her own business, but that business has seen better

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In 1929 we find Max Perkins sitting behind his desk at Scribners and Sons. He casually crosses out lines and makes notes in the margins of a manuscript with a red pencil. Someone comes in and tells him he needs

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The Whole Truth

The story of a lawyer who is murdered in his bedroom. Like most murder victims in mysteries, he was not a nice guy and the list of suspects includes everyone who ever met him. The redneck Louisiana lawyer is played

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The Nice Guys

Set in 1977 and filled with all the classic style and music of the era, we find two P.I. types who end up working on the same case. Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling play the mostly hapless and often lucky

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Me Before You

Spoilers. We open up with a man in his prime heading off to work. He starts to pick up his motorcycle helmet, then his girlfriend warns him that it’s raining out. So he walks instead-and is hit by a motorcycle.

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The Lady in the Van

Playwright Alan Bennett has met with some success in his career and decides to buy a new house in Camden Town. Before he is fully unpacked, he sees an old woman in a beat up van looking for a parking

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The Big Fat Surprise

Carbohydrates are bad, refined and processed carbohydrates are evil incarnate. Nina Teicholz covers the history of food recommendations in American history. Along the way she talks about fad diets, popular trends, myths, misconceptions, and outright lies designed to line the

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Into The Forest

In the not too distant future, something happens. Our heroes are a family, Dad and two teenage daughters, out in the woods working on their dream house in the Pacific Northwest. One daughter is obsessed with dancing and the other has a

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A Hologram for the King

I like Tom Hanks. He’s a fun guy, but A Hologram for the King ranks up there with Larry Crowne, not Forrest Gump. Our hero, such as he is, is Alan, a former member of management at Schwinn Bicycles. Like many

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