Bart Simpson Gives $10 Million to Scientology

People who attack Scientology are criminals.”
–L. Ron Hubbard

Nancy Cartwright, the voice of Bart Simpson, gave the Church of Scientology ten million dollars last year-this was twice as much as Tom Cruise gave. As with most churches, the good people of Scientology are more interested in making money than in spreading their faith. And if you have all kinds of mondo rich people in the fold, why not expect them to fork over millions when asked to do so?

In my endless quest to read every self book ever written, I found a copy of Dianetics one time and tried, in vain, to read it. The book is so laced with jargon, psycho-babble, and made-up words as to be indecipherable. The only L. Ron Hubbard book I ever read and liked was called Self Analysis-it came with a little wheel with slots in it. Each page had a list of words and you were supposed to think of different things as you turned the wheel and read whatever appeared in the slot. It was a good exercise for creative writing, but I’m not sure it was exactly in the same class as sitting down with Sigmund Freud.

I don’t have any real problem with Scientology, any more than I have with anyone else who thinks they have all the answers. If it works for the rich and famous, good for them. The Catholic Church had every wealthy person in the world giving them money of hundreds of years. The guys on TV right now are raking in the dough and living in houses fit for kings. Want to travel the world? Become a missionary and let the good people of your church send you anywhere you want to go. I have never understood that whole traveling the world thing, what’s wrong with the sinners and the poor where you live? Oh yeah, you don’t get a free trip across the world out of helping them.

You just can’t help thinking about these super rich people and Scientology and wondering to yourself-what would I do with a spare ten millions dollars? But then, I’m not likely to have an extra ten million dollars to do anything with anytime soon, if ever. I wonder of Nancy Cartwright knows about the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

Scientology publications show a host of big name Scientologists and their donations..

Nancy Cartwright-$10 million.
Tom Cruise-$5 million.
Kirstie Alley-$5 million.
John Travolta-$1 million.
Kelly Preston,-$1 million.
Priscilla Presley-$50,000.

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