Battlestar Galactica-The Last Season

For fans of the old show, the new show was always a bit jarring and there were too many changes. But fans of the new show love it-well, except for all that crap left over from the old show. So that the writers/creators of this show manage to piss off both parts of their tiny fan base at the same time. But now we are nearing the end of the run, and as with most sci fi shows, once it is gone everyone will love it and mourn its passing.

Battlestar Galactica has been a show that is filled with questions and a little light on the answers. Which is ok. But since this is the last season they seem to have some kind of a resolution to all these loose ends in the works. Except that several loose ends have left over the seasons and they would need to remind most of us as to just what they are wrapping up.

But it has been a fun show. Great effects, shockingly good acting, amazing sets, and the writing, well, I have seen worse. The original idea with the first Battlestar Galactica was not that they were looking for Earth, but they would find Earth and settle there. Captain Adoma’s name would be shortened to just Adam as he and his crew faded into the mists of history. But they abandoned that idea pretty quickly.

The Cylons and the Last of The Human Race both seem on a pathway to destruction. The Cylons are now free to kill each other and the humans have been killing each other all along. If the show ends with everyone dead on the floor like the finial act of Hamlet I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

Until such time, we have the Finial Five Cylons hiding out among the humans, the real Cylons killing each other, and The Search for Earth seems to be heading in the wrong direction. Who are the good guys and who are the bad guys in this show? We don’t know for sure yet, the only really clear cut villain we had was Admiral Kane and they did the right thing by killing her off. They used to have a running count of how many humans were left alive, but so people die every week that it must have been a real pain in the ass to keep up, so they dropped it.

It’s all good though. The music is great, the women are sexy, and there is almost aways something blowing up. What more could you want from a sci fi show? I love the whole Last Supper thing, don’t you?

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