blindspotPrison Break with a woman.

Prison Break was a great one season show about a guy who had his entire body covered with tattoos. These would help him break his brother out of prison.  It was a prefect gimmick for one season. That show lost its way as soon as the heroes escaped.

Blindspot also looks like a great one season show. The opening bit of a naked woman being found in a gym bag is fun and creative. Soon enough we find out that the woman has no memory and that her body is covered with tattoos that are clues to future events.  She also has soon wicked combat skills.

All well and good, but how far into the future can her tattoos see? Will she be kidnapped at the end of the season and her used tats replaced with new ones? Or do the good people at NBC think the show won’t last that long, so why worry?

Blindspot looks good and I like the actors, the sets, and the music. I’m not sure I’ll like the Tattoo of The Week formula, if such holds true past the first few episodes. Shows like this often surprise me by rapidly shifting gears in midstream. This is seldom an improvement.

On the plus side, I’m all for naked tattooed women being a staple on network TV.  On the minus side, this does look a lot like Bourne, and a little of that went a long way for me. Yes, I want my heroes to win, but I want them to struggle a little bit more while they do it. I did like a scene in the pilot where the cleverly named Jane Doe steps in and stops a bit of domestic violence. I didn’t like the idea that her ‘muscle memory’ will snap into place and save her no matter what situation she finds herself in.

Blindspot looks good and I hope it lasts long enough for it to make sense.



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