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Bloggernoob has one of the oddest icons I have ever seen in a blog world filled with odd icons. His is a baby with it’s finger stuck in it’s mouth-shudder, babies, ugh. I would have posted the image here, but I am not sure if Bloggernoob is one of those fellows that is obsessed with the sanctity of such things.

So I put this nice picture of some money here instead. Now why would I do that? Our good friend Bloggernoob is trying to up his Alexa rank and I am betting that he doesn’t make it by January 11th.
He wants to get his Alexa Rank down to five digits, he is currently at 105,907. Which means he needs to move down 5908 spots.
Now I may have mentioned once or twice that cracking the Top Hundred Thousand on Alexa is a personal goal. Mine and every other blogger that cares about such things.

My own recent Alexa update was a bit of a downer, as I lost about ten thousand spots in the latest update. So it is entirely possible that Bloggernoob will make a move of 6000 spots in the coming days. His one week averages are below 50,000-I am so jealous now.

There were a couple of weeks when I had to work and travel and didn’t pour as much into the whole If You Write It world as I could have. Anyway…Bloggernoob is having a contest about whether or not he hits his Alexa goal. If you want to enter, head over to Bloggernoob‘s and have at it.

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Writer, Photographer, Blogger.

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