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I’ve always been a bit interested in the brain. I’ve read several books about thinking and memory and how information is stored in the brain. So I have tried a number things designed to enhance memory, improve memory, and improve brain health. I like binaural beats and ginkgo biloba. I have tried a few of those train your brain in minutes a day programs as well.

Games like Brain Age and Brain Age 2 offer a bit of brain exercise and are fun as well-if you own a Nintendo. This brain education includes word and math games and Sudoku puzzles. I prefer actual crossword puzzles for my brain exercises, but that’s just me. Are these brain games fun? Back in the day my brain game of choice was Tetris, though it was really more of a reflex game than a brain game.

My own favorite brain game for adults were the old Infocom Text Adventures, like The Leather Goddesses of Phobos and The Traveling Circus That Time Forgot. These were fun and often frustration games that required a lot of concentration to solve. Of course, the modern brain gym with its spelling and shape games is a bit more of a workout. There nothing quite like realizing you can’t spell Wyoming or figure out what 5+7 equals. But that is the point of these educational games, to get you thinking like you did when you were in school. I always felt kind of dumb in school. Well, maybe that was just me.

So maybe brain games, brain puzzles, brain problems, and brain learning all go together. Brain training can improve health and fitness. I like the memory games with the hidden objects you have to pair up. But then I have always liked memory improvement games. Not that I am suffering from memory loss or anything, or did I say that already?

Still-its fun and easy. But go ahead and learn to juggle and take up blogging as well. Those keep the old mind spinning pretty good as well-even if they do take more than a few minutes a day..

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