Bridget Jones’s Baby

bridget-joness-baby At first I found Renée Zellweger’s looks and Hugh Grant’s absence a bit distracting. But McDreamy does a good job standing in as Bridget’s other love interest, and Renée still sounds like Bridget. It’s not that she looks old, it’s that she looks so different. We’re talking Darrin 1 and Darrin 2 from Bewitched different here. Anyway…

We find Bridget a bit bummed out about turning 43 and still being alone. One of her younger and hipper friends takes her to a Festival, where she meets a love guru played by Patrick Dempsey. Since it’s a movie, they hook up almost as soon as they run into each other. Then a few days later, she meets the Love of Her Life, Mr. Darcy, played with his usually cold disdain by Colin Firth. A bit later, Bridget discovers that she is preganant.  So who’s the father?

There are a few very funny bits here and it’s good to see the old gang again. There are several touching moments where it looks like the three primaries have found polyamorous paradise. How would that be for a twist in the RomCom universe?

Bridget Jones’s Baby is a little on the long side. It drags here and there as Bridget tries to balance her job and her two baby daddies. The bulk of the jokes come from the job, where Bridget is a TV news Producer who makes a few on-air mistakes.

There is a bit of drama as we watch Bridget decide between a man she just met and had a one night stand with and the man she has been in love with for what feels like her entire life.

There is the obligetory problems getting to the hospital scene and angry mom in labor scene. The ending was good and there was a hint of more to come. These are all people I like spending time with, but you have to wonder what would happen in Bridget Jones 4 that hasn’t already happened.

I like Bridget Jones’s Baby.

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