buddymoonDavid is a struggling actor who is about to be married. Then his fiancee tells him that she has changed her mind. He’s bummed out about it, but his slightly insane friend Flula tries to cheer him up. Seems David had already paid for this cool hiking trip. So, the two of them go for a hike. The actor and his nutty German buddy.

David is also up for a big part, as the lead in the story of explorers Lewis and Clark. There is a running gag where our hero narrates a bit of the story of Lewis and Clark, as we watch the two hapless travelers doing things slightly less changeling that trekking across the continent.

The story is funny and touching. David as the long suffering former child star that everyone remembers, but forgets what line he was famous for. Flula as the uber optimistic sidekick always trying to cheer him up.

This is short film a lot of walking and talking. My favorite bit was when they hapless couple meet up with a few other hikers and a girl flirts with David, but he can’t quite bring himself to flirt back. When he wakes up the next morning he finds a note in the bed beside him. The note is from the girl to Flula, telling him how glad she was to hook up with him and not David and thanking him for his great sexual prowess. The note, of course, was written by Flula.

David Giuntoli and Claire Coffee are a little less serious here than they normally are in Grimm. I’m not familiar with Flula Borg, but he does a good job of acting like a happy go lucky nut here. The rest of the tiny cast was good as well. I liked the look and feel of Buddymoon.

Buddymoon was a fun movie.

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