Bulbous Bouffant

While killing time on Plurk yesterday, I was thinking about good old Dr Demento and one of my Plurk Buddies-Myriam-said Bulbous Bouffant. I recall a number of bad songs from Dr Demento, My Name is Larry was a bad one. The Smoke Off seemed to make the Funny Five a lot. Wierd Al was always on the list when I listened.

Ok, Blubous Buffant is a classic, right up there with Wet Dreams and Pencil Necked Geek. Hmm, those were the good old days. . .

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Jon Herrera

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Writer, Photographer, Blogger.

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3 comments on “Bulbous Bouffant

    I was just talking about this piece yesterday! lol! thanks for sharing!

  2. DESCARTES says:

    Great Minds, eh?

  3. ANITA K says:

    Wow, that’s alotta vocab there!

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