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Alone in A Painting

While not exactly a nude Britney Spears or a naked Vanessa Anne Hudgens, it is a bit of my own work. This is a Poser figure rendered in Bryce and then ran through Virtual Painter. There was a small stop in Illustrator at some point as well, but I really don’t recall what I did there.
E-Fronter is is up to Poser 7 now and the program has come a long way from its humble Barbie and Ken look-a-likes to fully photo-realistic 3D models under the skilled hands of the program’s true devotees. But like all rendering programs, Poser wants a lot of horsepower in a PC. So I am afraid that old machine is not fast enough to make using Poser too much fun. The render times tend to shift to a glacial scale once it gets near anything complex and interesting. But it is an amazing program all the same. What I tend to do these days is find a figure I like, pose it using one of the many preset poses, and export it to a saved file. Then it’s time to fire up Bryce.
Bryce 3D has gone through many hands and many versions, DAZ being the current owner and Bryce 6 being the current version. This is the easiest 3D modeling program to use ever written. While it lacks many of the bells and whistles you find in something like AutoCAD or even Vue 6, it makes up for this by being so damned easy to use. If you have never seen the program before, you can whip up a pretty cool looking image in a matter of minutes. Bryce is great for making abstracts and shiny things in infinite planes. It’s also great for taking a Poser 7 figure and turning it into a robot.
Bryce has a large number of preset materials to work with and you can surf the web and find countless other materials for free or very cheap. Import a Poser figure, select the figure, choose a new material and apply it to the figure. You can turn a Poser figure of a person into a stone statue, a clear liquid being, or a shiny metal robot with just a couple of clicks.
With Virtual Painter 5 you can take any image and turn it into a digital painting. Virtual Painter is the best Digital Painting programs for the lazy digital artist. Whereas Painter X wants you to actually paint an image, Virtual Painter just takes a few well placed algorithms and does the painting for you. It has a fairly limited range of paintings it can imitate, but they can be mixed and blended in infinite ways in Photoshop.
I like the way this image turned out, and I guess that is one of the reasons I am not really a great artist. I am still surprised by my results most of the time. I seldom set out to make something specific, I merely follow the image where I think it wants to go. I may never have a New York Galley Show, but at least I am still having fun.
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