Captain America The Winter Soldier

The Winter SoldierOne or Two Spoilers.

There was a lot of action, a lot of stuff blowing up, and a lot of sharp shooting bad guys who could only hit Captain America’s impenetrable shield. The movie was fun and it was nice to see Robert Redford again. My favorite Robert Redford bit was when he opened his fridge and it had a jar of Newman’s Own inside.

Captain America II was standard Superhero fare, for the most part. Now I know that the Bad Guys are Bad Guys, but during the opening scenes and throughout the movie, our heroes flat out murder scores of these people. What else would you call it when Super People whack and thump and toss normal humans around?

I also had a number of Déjà vu moments, the car chases were scored with the soundtrack of Terminator 2 and there were enough fake kung fu fights to make the Wachowski Brothers jealous.  There was even a guy with a Minigun and a lot of kneecap shots.

But for me the Big Question in Captain America The Winter Soldier was who are The Real Bad Guys? There’s a pretty cool Tv Show called Continuum in which the Bad Guys travel back in time to stop Evil Corporations from taking over the world. Well, I’m kind of rooting for the Bad Guys here, who doesn’t hate Big Corporations? And so it is with The Winter Soldier, the Bad Guys want to kill twenty million people to make the world a safer and better place. Hmm, well, if you weren’t one of the Twenty Million, wouldn’t this be a damned good thing? If you really knew who the next Terrorist or Bomber or Mall Shooter or Hitler was going to be, why not take them out?

I liked The Winter Soldier, but like most action movies, you shouldn’t spend too much time thinking about what you’ve seen. Just enjoy the ride and wait for the next one to roll off the line.

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