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Goodbye Deponia

The third and final game in the Deponia adventure game series.   Spoilers within. In the first two Deponia games we met Rufus, a slightly twisted and mischievous fellow who wants to run away from home. There are running gags

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Deponia – Fun Adventure Game

Deponia is the story of lovable loser Rufus who is trapped on a junk planet and surrounded by people who seem both fond of him and sincere when they wish him well on his plans to leave the planet far

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The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten Tales is the best adventure game to come out since last year’s Gray Matter from Jane Jensen.  It’s another throw back to the glory days of Sierra Online and LucasArts point and click games. The Book

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Gray Matter by Jane Jensen

Gray Matter is a brilliant adventure game that has been about 8 years in the making.  There have been production problems with this video game by the great adventure game writer Jane Jensen.  Jane Jensen wrote a number of my

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Dracula Origin

I grew up playing Infocom Text Adventure Games-these were great games. There was a bit of reading to do and you had to think and there was a lot of typing involved. Now adventure games are mainly of the floating

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