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Blogs I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Last year I had a bit of luck and got a few hits on a couple of Popular Posts, well, for me anyway. These posts kept my daily visitors at around 1,000 and often over a 1,000 a day. I

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Blogging and Free Stuff

Seth Godin talks about freebies for bloggers in his book Meatball Sundae. He says that an office chair manufacturer send him an email saying they would like to send him a chair and ask that he review it-and give them

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A Week Without Blogging

Ok, maybe not quite a week, but pretty close to it. And I have been writing, just not blogging. My work moves me around and there are times when-shockingly-I don’t have the internet close at hand. Yes it is possible

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Follow This Blog with Blogger Followers

Blogger has always been my blog platform of choice, though the serious bloggers all say to get your own domain if you want to hit the big time. Maybe one of these days, but not just yet. The good people

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New Header-A Work in Progress

Just when I have few days off and think I can fiddle around, I have to go to work the next couple of days and leave the new header as it is. I don’t think it’s too terrible, but it

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Ten Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas

Starting a blog usually mean having something to say. So it is a bit surprising how quickly those blog ideas become hard to find. So here’s a short list of places to find blog post ideas, blog post topics, blog

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How Did You Find Me?

There are a few people who blog and and make a living at it-John Chow, Dosh Dosh, Pro Blogger, a number of geeky tech blogs that I never go anywhere near and likely a few hundred other good people that

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Julie/Julia- Single Minded Devotion

Julie/Julia is the story of a blogger telling the tale of cooking her way through Julia Child’s Masting The Art of French Cooking. Which is why the book was written, right? So someone could work their way through it and

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Blogging for Fun, Blogging for Money

When I first started blogging it was just for fun, my first blog was more or less a message board for me and about five other like minded people to bounce ideas off of each other. If we had other

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Blogvertise-the lure of easy money

Having found a few articles about blogging for dollars, I ran across Blogvertise, which says it will pay you to blog about stuff. Cool, I like blogging and I like getting paid. Seems I am not the only one. A

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