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Follow This Blog with Blogger Followers

Blogger has always been my blog platform of choice, though the serious bloggers all say to get your own domain if you want to hit the big time. Maybe one of these days, but not just yet. The good people

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The Power of Lists for Bloggers

Top Lists grace the covers of most magazines and have to be a close second to Memes when it comes to blog topics. A good list can get you a lot of traffic, bookmarked in all those cool bookmarking sites-Digg,

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I make money blogging, just not a lot

Over the past couple of years I have been trying to make money with blogging. This has sometimes been a pretty serious effort, sometimes pretty passive. I have blogged about events of the day and hit the keywords pretty heavy,

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A bit of time with the Next Blog Button

Back in the dark ages, a few months ago, I used to look for blogs with the Blogger Next Blog Button. You rarely found anything interesting as it is so random that you had to rely on karma to find

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Do You Make Money With Your Blog?

There’s an interesting Poll on ProBlogger this month. The question was In October, How Much Did You Earn from Blogging? There was a wide range of options for this poll from I don’t make money blogging (780 or 28% of

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What makes a Successful Blog?

My old blog was a success. I had ten faithful readers who commented on my every post, just as I commented on their every post. We would write things that were inspired by each other. We told jokes to each

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PostSecret-Post Secrets No More

Or maybe Postsecret will be back in a couple of hours. You never know with Blogger whether the thing will work when you want it to or just lay there like a sleeping dog. But it has become a part

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