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Blogs I Wanna Be When I Grow Up

Last year I had a bit of luck and got a few hits on a couple of Popular Posts, well, for me anyway. These posts kept my daily visitors at around 1,000 and often over a 1,000 a day. I

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Blogging and Free Stuff

Seth Godin talks about freebies for bloggers in his book Meatball Sundae. He says that an office chair manufacturer send him an email saying they would like to send him a chair and ask that he review it-and give them

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Do You Have A Real Job?

Get a haircut and get a real jobClean your act up and don’t be a slobGet it together like your big brother BobWhy don’t you get a haircut and get a real job? George Thorogood I have always wanted to

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Comments? We Don’t Need No Stinken Comments

“First.” “first” “First!” Top comments on most popular blogs-Little Green Footballs has banned this silly and pointless practice. I wrote a blog post on Altered States of Consciousness and this post got around 13000 hits. For me this is the

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When Fish Fly-On Becoming World Famous

Reviewed by the World Famous If You Write It Blog During a recent meeting our Boss asked us-How many of you want to work here next year? One person out of ten raised their hand. There is a lot of

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An Anti-Social Blogger Speaks

I made this image using a Poser Figure in Bryce, she looks a bit lonely, don’t you think? It is easy to blog in a vacuum. You look at Google Trends or Yahoo Buzz and crank out a post about

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