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I Used to Write, Now I Blog

The influence of blogging is overall a very positive force in the media.-Garrett M. Graff If you write it and publish it, your an author. If you write it and blog it-are you wasting your time? The general rule of

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New Header-A Work in Progress

Just when I have few days off and think I can fiddle around, I have to go to work the next couple of days and leave the new header as it is. I don’t think it’s too terrible, but it

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Ten Ways To Get Blog Post Ideas

Starting a blog usually mean having something to say. So it is a bit surprising how quickly those blog ideas become hard to find. So here’s a short list of places to find blog post ideas, blog post topics, blog

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The Power of Lists for Bloggers

Top Lists grace the covers of most magazines and have to be a close second to Memes when it comes to blog topics. A good list can get you a lot of traffic, bookmarked in all those cool bookmarking sites-Digg,

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Have a Blog or Have a Life

You really can’t have both you know. I’ve been diddling around here for a bit, just looking at Google Trends and this and that, I almost wrote a blog post about a service that is hiring people to be personal

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How Did You Find Me?

There are a few people who blog and and make a living at it-John Chow, Dosh Dosh, Pro Blogger, a number of geeky tech blogs that I never go anywhere near and likely a few hundred other good people that

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Amazon Mechanical Turk

Well, I like all things and Amazon Mechanical Turk looks sort of interesting. The one or two HITS that I clicked on look like some kind of surveys-clearly this needs a bit of looking into. Hey, with a name

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Blog Changes-Pagerank, Alexa, Etc

Or the Rise and Fall of If You Write It. My random thoughts blog about trendy things has lost its small amount of Pagerank, which was 3 until fairly recently, and is now 0. This is not a great tragedy,

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I make money blogging, just not a lot

Over the past couple of years I have been trying to make money with blogging. This has sometimes been a pretty serious effort, sometimes pretty passive. I have blogged about events of the day and hit the keywords pretty heavy,

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Readers from my Real Life-Such as It Is

“How do I find this blog of yours?” my boss asked me one day-as I seemed to spend most of my time thinking about blogging and not nearly enough time thinking about portrait photography. Well, I do blog about taking

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