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What kind of loser blogs on Christmas Morning?

Using Google Blog search with the time set to Last Hour, I thought I’d see what people were writing about on Christmas Morning.Britney Spears-124 people have new blog posts about Britney Spears on this fine Christmas Morning.Pairs Hilton-53 new posts

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Entrecard This and Entrecard That

EntreCard-could they have come up with a worse name? How do you pronounce EntreCard? I guess since EntreCard is a blog toy it doesn’t really matter, no one is likely to be talking about it in the real world anyway.

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The End of My BlogRush Experiment

After getting a whooping 38 hits from Blogrush over the past 4 months I have decided to retire the Blogrush widget. It’s promise of targeted traffic to your blog did not work so well for me. It was a good

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Don’t Blog about Blogging, oops

We have all experienced bad service, and will continue to experience bad service for the foreseeable future. Blogs are no exception. We are a nation of Entitled Individuals, we all know that we are owed certain things. Like good writing

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Do You Make Money With Your Blog?

There’s an interesting Poll on ProBlogger this month. The question was In October, How Much Did You Earn from Blogging? There was a wide range of options for this poll from I don’t make money blogging (780 or 28% of

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Meryl Streep Says Blogging is a Waste of Time, Well Duh

Ok, I think she said something along the lines of just blogging to your friends is not enough. People get mad about something, like The War, and then they blog about it and vent for a bit and think they

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Fark Them if They can’t Take a Joke

Ok, to me Fark is just one more social network, albeit a big one that I get a bit of traffic from. I found Fark because it is one of those little buttons at the bottom of so many posts.

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What makes a Successful Blog?

My old blog was a success. I had ten faithful readers who commented on my every post, just as I commented on their every post. We would write things that were inspired by each other. We told jokes to each

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Out of the Nowhere

One of my heroes is a curmudgeonly fellow named Harlan Ellison. He is famous for ranting and raving and occasionally writing some pretty damned good sci fi, or SF as he might prefer it to be called. Once upon a

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