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Britney Spears-Naked and Sweaty

Britney Spears was the hot pop tart who lost her mind and let her body go. She was getting a little soft around the middle and everyone said-Put Some Clothes On! Well, Britney Spears gets naked in the Womanizer video

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Britney Spears Celebrity of The Year

USA Today has determined that Britney Spears is the Celebrity of The Year. The list ranks celebrities by points earned for appearing in gossips mags, websites, and TV Shows. Britney Spears has 22, 112 points. Most of the list has

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Jamie Lynn Spears Mom Writes Book on Parenting?

Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant, Britney Spears is out of her mind, and their Mom Lynne Spears.was writing a book on Parenting for a Christian publishing company? Lynne Spears’ book about parenting has been delayed indefinitely. Pop Culture Mom: A

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Britney Spears an Unfit Parent? There’s a Shocker

Britney Spears losing custody of her two sons to her former husband Kevin Federline is not all that shocking. Just watch entertainment shows and read tabloid accounts of her seemingly endless desire to act like an idiot. But the sad

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LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! I thought about it, Nah

As of 9/12/07 51311 Comments, Views: 3,185,875, Favorited: 7603 times. You have to love an impassioned plea for mercy from a man under a blanket with a flashlight. He is a fan of strong language as well as Britney Spears.

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Britney Spears Takes Her Top Off, Again-Yawn

This would be breaking news if Britney Spears could manage to be photographed fully clothed. It is interesting that these photos look as good as they do, since the Britney Spears we all know and love to make fun of

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