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Buzz, Trends, and Blogs

Buzz marketing and viral marketing are the same thing-word of mouth marketing for your product and a desire to visit your website. As a money making blogger I am a big fan of Adsense for search. Business buzz words for

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Slusho and 1-18-08 Update

JJ Abrams has said that he has nothing to do with sites like Ethan Haas and that the only official site for his new movie is This site features three still images that can be moved around the screen.

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Does a blogger need ideas to blog?

I’ve been blogging in a not too serious fashion for a couple of years now. I’ve been writing off and on forever. I used to listen to talk radio and read the editorials in the local papers and these were

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Slusho, Cloverleaf and Why do we care?

Slusho is an odd little page that reminds me of the scene in Firefly where the crazy girl goes crazy after seeing an odd ad on TV. The Slusho ad says you can’t drink just six and has one filled

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