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What Do You Blog About on Christmas Morning?

Using Google Blog Search I entered a few different topics and set the time for the last hour. Just thought I’d play around and see what the blogsphere is blogging about. Top Blog Topics for Christmas Morning are- Merry Christmas

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The Year Without a Santa Claus

Jingle Bells: [answers the phone] Hello? Jingle Bells, number 1 elf speaking. May I ask who is calling please? Oh, hi, Mrs. Claus. Yes, Mrs. Claus. Okay, Mrs. Claus. Sure thing, Mrs. Claus. Right away, Mrs. Claus.[hangs up]Jangle Bells: Who

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What kind of loser blogs on Christmas Morning?

Using Google Blog search with the time set to Last Hour, I thought I’d see what people were writing about on Christmas Morning.Britney Spears-124 people have new blog posts about Britney Spears on this fine Christmas Morning.Pairs Hilton-53 new posts

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