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Dallas Cowboys Lose 44-6

And it wasn’t as close as you’d think from the score. The game started out like a normal game-good defense, the expectation of a long day of hard won points, an exchange of field goals-and then the Worst Dallas Cowboys

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Fix The Dallas Cowboys-Fire Jerry Jones

“We didn’t come out and play the way we needed to play,” Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips. Hmm, Ya Think? This was a bad game for the Dallas Cowboys-4 turnovers, 1 missed field goal, and loss number 3 for

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Dallas Cowboys-Going Down in Flames

A trip to the Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys this year seems a lot less likely than it did just a couple of weeks ago. The Dallas Cowboy’s savior Tony Romo is out for at least a month with

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Dallas Cowboys Loose to Redskins

“The reality of it is, you have the opportunity to go 16-0 every year in the regular season, but that’s not realistic.” -Tony Romo The Standard Issue Terrell Owens Controversy comes into play after the game. T.O. is unhappy about

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The Dallas Cowboys Lose to The New York Giants

If the Dallas Cowboys had won, all would be forgiven. But now, well, now we will blame Jessica Simpson, Tony Romo, and Jason Whitton for goofing off in Mexico. Wade Phillips may be free to pursue other interests. Terrell Owens

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