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Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant

“A little too much time on the clock,” Rodgers said of the 35 seconds Dallas left him. So, what’s worse? A team of complete losers that goes 4-12 and has no chance at all of returning to the Glory Days

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Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant – 2015

It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s how much money you put in the bank. Jerry Jones’ Personal Mantra Jerry Jones bought the Dallas Cowboys for $140 Million in 1989. The NFL franchise is currently worth around $4

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Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant—Well…

No one expected the Dallas Cowboys to get into the playoffs this year. We were all thinking maybe 7-9 or even 6-10 for the 2014 season. The Dallas Cowboys went 12-4 and won 1 playoff game-which is 1 more playoff

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It’s All About You, Jerry, Isn’t It?

The Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant. Kyle Orton Plays Like a $100 Million Dollar Quarterback. Much like regular Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Kyle Orton did a great job of raising fans hopes only to dash them to the ground with

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Tony Romo and Peyton Manning

“You played a hell of a game.” Peyton Manning to Tony Romo moments after Broncos beat the Cowboys in one of the best NFL games ever. Football is a team sport, and losing yet again was a team effort.  Tony

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The Dallas Cowboys:Change for Changes Sake

I grew up watching Tom Landry’s Dallas Cowboys.  Roger Staubach would hand the ball off to Tony Dorset or throw it to  Billy Joe Dupree or Drew Pearson and the game would often come down to the finial two minutes.  I’m

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The Legacy of Jerry Jones:LOSER

Annual Dallas Cowboys rant. The Dallas Cowboys had a shot at winning the last game of the regular season against the Washington Redskins.  There was a chance for one of those world famous Dallas Cowboy Comebacks in the closing minutes-but

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The Annual Dallas Cowboys Rant

What’s wrong with the Dallas Cowboys?  Owner Jerry Jones. It’s been the tradition on local talk radio to call for the head of Jerry Jones after the final loss of the season.  But yesterday the usual rabble rousers were replaced

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Tony Romo Just Doesn’t Get It

“I think maybe things happened so quickly for Tony in terms of obscurity to all of a sudden national spotlight that he hasn’t fully grasped what being the Cowboys quarterback is all about,” Troy Aikman said. “And you don’t go

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Dallas Cowboys Lose 44-6

And it wasn’t as close as you’d think from the score. The game started out like a normal game-good defense, the expectation of a long day of hard won points, an exchange of field goals-and then the Worst Dallas Cowboys

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