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Brooks Bollinger and The Sorry Dallas Cowboys

After throwing an intercept on his first play as a Dallas Cowboy, Brooks Bollinger followed in the footsteps of Brad Johnson and proved he was no Tony Romo. Not that Romo would have had have any better luck with the

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Fix The Dallas Cowboys-Fire Jerry Jones

“We didn’t come out and play the way we needed to play,” Dallas Cowboys Head Coach Wade Phillips. Hmm, Ya Think? This was a bad game for the Dallas Cowboys-4 turnovers, 1 missed field goal, and loss number 3 for

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Dallas Cowboys-Going Down in Flames

A trip to the Super Bowl for the Dallas Cowboys this year seems a lot less likely than it did just a couple of weeks ago. The Dallas Cowboy’s savior Tony Romo is out for at least a month with

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Dallas Cowboys Loose to Redskins

“The reality of it is, you have the opportunity to go 16-0 every year in the regular season, but that’s not realistic.” -Tony Romo The Standard Issue Terrell Owens Controversy comes into play after the game. T.O. is unhappy about

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Cowboys Beat Eagles 41-37

Monday Night Footfall has not been the same since it left ABC. The Happy-Go-Lucky lot at ESPN is always a little too giddy for my taste. The Dallas Cowboys beating the Philadelphia Eagles was a great game, I didn’t need

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Cowboys Win Season Opener 28-10

The Dallas Cowboys played like the Cleveland Browns weren’t even on the filed. Terrell Owens caught a 35-yard touchdown pass and had his usual almost-a-catch. Tony Romo completing 24 of 32 passes for 320 yards setting the pace to break

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Dallas Cowboys get Pacman Jones

“I heard somebody ask the question, `How good do you feel about Adam’s future?’ I feel good enough to take some of the risk and do some of the things and invest some of everything we talked about to do

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The New Dallas Cowboys Stadium

The Dallas Cowboys New Stadium is well under way in Arlington, but for those that can’t wait for it to be finished in 2009, there is a pretty neat virtual tour online. The Stadium Fly Through Video is pretty nifty,

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The Dallas Cowboys and The New York Giants

Dallas Cowboy fans have been talking about the Superbowl for the past couple of months. When this year’s team looks good, they look unstoppable. When The Dallas Cowboys don’t look good, as they have for the past four games, we

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Jessica Simpson Mask Set To Beat Cowboys

238,945 Have Ruined Romo Since Thursday! top of Ruin Romo website. On the Why Didn’t I Think Of That? front is the website Ruin Romo, which is getting all the buzz at the moment. Ruin Romo is offering a PDF

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