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Show ‘Em The Lining Merv Griffin Dead at 82

Merv Griffin was a funny fellow. My main memories of him are from The Merv Griffin Show, where he often wore the loudest suits he could find and someone from the audience would yell out-Show Em The Lining, Merv! and

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2007 Emmy Nominations

HBO got 86 nominations and ABC got 70, even if a lot of them are for things like Casting and Art Direction, that’s a lot nominations. HBO’s Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee got the most nods with 17. Being

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Ratatouille-Best Pixar Movie Ever

I’m sitting in a theater filled with children, parents of children, and more children. Ratatouille, outside of being cartoonish in appearance, is not really a kid’s movie, but the people at Pixar have finally figured out that kids make up

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