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The Occasional Entrecard Post

Entrecard seems to be a love it or it hate it kind of thing. I’m feeling kind of so-so about it. For me it all started when I was giving a thing called BlogRush a shot, and found that I

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In The Perfect Entrecard World

I’ve had the Entrecard widget on If You Write It for some time now-I go through phases where I think it is a waste of space and phases where I do a lot of dropping and hitting new blogs. I

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The Small EntreCard Contest-Win 900 EC

My Entrecard contest has a prize of 900 EC-which I will be giving to one luck winner in one weeks time-next Monday, March 3, 2008. I have noticed that most of these contests now give away thousands of ECs, so

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EntreCard-Link Love or Link Farm?

Sam Freedom’s blog is one of the Big Dogs on EntreCard. I am not sure how you become one of the Big Dogs, but there are a handful of blogs that show up in the Most Popular and Most Recommended

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Entrecard This and Entrecard That

EntreCard-could they have come up with a worse name? How do you pronounce EntreCard? I guess since EntreCard is a blog toy it doesn’t really matter, no one is likely to be talking about it in the real world anyway.

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