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The Bucket List

What would happen if a billionaire and an auto mechanic ended up in the same hospital room? Why they’d become best friends and travel the world together, of course. The Bucket List is a great movie because of Morgan Freeman

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Ten Films I Wish I’d Walked Out On

Since I’m not a real film reviewer, I don’t have to sit through every horrid film that comes down the line-I can pick and choose the movie I want to watch. I can avoid the really bad movies like Pluto

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The Producers Movie

The Original Producers starring Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder was a near perfect movie. It is zany, silly, over the top, and Gene Wilder and Zero Mostel were perfect as the greedy Broadway Producer and the sappy Accountant who wanted

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The Illusionist-More Victorian Magic

The Illusionist had the odd luck of coming out at about the same time as The Prestige. Seems odd that two films about slightly mad magicians in top hats would hit the screens so closely. The Prestige had the good

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