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Del Rancho in OKC

My Dad would have loved Del Rancho, and I’m sure if he ever spent enough time in Oklahoma City to need a meal, that he ate there. Dear old Dad had a homing beacon for greasy dinners and most of

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Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma

Pops reminds me of the gas station from the first Toy Story. A kind of futurist place with tall white gas pumps and a very high slanted roof.  Of course, the most distinctive feature of Pops is the giant Coke

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Hot Sauce, Real Hot Sauce

If the only hot sauce you’ve ever heard of is Tabasco, you need to get out more. Not that there is anything wrong with Tabasco, I love the Chipolte flavor and I have a soft spot for the plain old

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Your Gonna Die

Being a man, I have only gone to see doctors when there was no other choice in the matter. Being a poor man, I have not had insurance for most of my life. Being blessed with a high metabolism, I

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Travel To and Travel From

I’ve done a bit of traveling over the past few years and have plans to do a good deal more. Travel, for most people, is easier to remember than the normal day to day life. It has a beginning, and

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Steak & Ale

Steak and Ale was started in 1966, according to the back of the menu I read the other day, and it looks like they haven’t changed a thing since. Which is a good thing, mostly. I don’t eat here often,

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