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Pumpkin Gutter Pumpkin Carving

Just tooling around the Google Images for Pumpkins lead me to a lot of really cool carved pumpkins. One really struck me as amazing though, it was of a Predator carved from a giant pumpkin. I found a very similar

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Boris Karloff and The Monster Mash

“Monster Mash” is a 1962 novelty song by Bobby ‘Boris’ Pickett. Boris Karloff the man who became famous for being Frankenstein’s Monster, was the star of over 200 films according to IMDB. Such movies as The Man Who Changed His

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Disney’s The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

The Disney version of The Legend of Sleepy Hallow features the vocal skills of one Bing Crosby. I grew watching re-runs of Hope and Crosby Road Movies, Bing Crosby Christmas Specials, and Bing Crosby Florida Orange Juice Commercials. One of

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Judgement House The Hell You Say

There have been Haunted Houses for a long time. I remember being part of one when I was in the fifth grade. It was a closed off hallway in the school with the lights turned off and old mattresses and

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Topless Halloween Costume

Ok, maybe this cute little Chain Mail Halloween Costume from Amazon is not really topless, just transparent. I wonder if it is real metal? That would be heavy in addition to being pretty damned cold. There seems to be a

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