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Things from Ireland

For me half the fun of going anywhere is bringing a few things back. But its not always easy to carry all the stuff home with you. So why not just grab some stuff that reminds you Ireland and have

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Ireland-Stone Walls and Thatched Roofs

Just a few thoughts about Thatched Roofs and Stone Walls, two things that seem to be ever present in rural Ireland. The stone walls make sense, as Ireland is a land of stones. But the thatch, where does that come

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The Giant’s Causeway

Formed over the last 61 million years or so, The Giant’s Causeway is an amazing place. The story goes that the Giant Fin MacCool laid the Causeway so that he would have a road to his true love who lived

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Ireland-Things to See and Do

There is no language like the Irish for soothing and quieting. John Millington SyngeI have always wanted to go to Ireland, ever since I was a child and my Dear Old Mom would play the Irish Rovers Unicorn LP over

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Dublin, Ireland -Things to Do and See

My knowledge of Ireland has mostly been gained by watching re-runs of Ballykissangel and listening to the music of the Irish Rovers. I am also a fan of Celtic Women and Enya. I like music of The Waterboys-though really, Fisherman’s

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