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Spread The Wealth

Spread the wealth is one of those great ideas-when you happen to be poor and want someone else’s money. For example, I am all for it at the moment. If I won the lottery-well, not so much. Since most Americans

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Tithing- Begging for Jesus

The top story on CBS Sunday Morning this week was about tithing, the main method many churches use to raise money. The idea is to give ten percent of all you earn to the church. But some people don’t like

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If You Write It

Or maybe it should be, if you blog it.I have recently taken a more serious interest in the blogging again. Not serious enough to go out and find people to read and leave comments with, but serious enough to think

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When the Student is Ready

I was watching Opera today, which not a very common thing for me. I used to watch her when she was competing with good old Phil for the top spot in Chicago, but that was a million years or so

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