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Rogue One

Many Bothans died to bring us this information. Many years ago, when computers were first used in films, someone predicted that one day there would be digital Marilyn Monroes and digital James Deans. But what, he asked, if the CGI

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

I thought this was going to be a blatant ripoff of Harry Potter and The X-Men, but turned out to be more of a ripoff of, well, all the terrible movies featuring teen heroes from the past decade or so.

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Bridget Jones’s Baby

At first I found Renée Zellweger’s looks and Hugh Grant’s absence a bit distracting. But McDreamy does a good job standing in as Bridget’s other love interest, and Renée still sounds like Bridget. It’s not that she looks old, it’s

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Yeah, that was good. Movies like this normally have a long putting-the-team-together opening like Oceans 11 or The Core, but not here. The team is mainly Amy Adams and it doesn’t take her long to get on board. Jeremy Renner

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Doctor Strange

I’m not all that familiar with Doctor Strange, so for once I needed the Origin Story that takes up the first part of Doctor Strange the movie. Our hero is a egotistical jerk who, like Doctor House, only treats people

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Suicide Squad

Was This Trip Really Necessary? No, No It Wasn’t. Spoilers. Ok, when two of your Big Bad Villains are Gods, you can’t kill them with a couple of bricks of C4. You just can’t. And when you let your main

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Ghostbusters 2016

Yeah, that sucked. 1984’s Ghostbusters is the only film I ever paid to see twice in a first run theater. The acting was good, the special effects were pretty damned amazing, and the story was compelling. It had it’s funny

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Captain America: Civil War

Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Superheroes.  Most superheroes started out as slightly above average people who spent their spare time tracking down muggers and bank robbers. Captain America started out fighting the Axis Powers during World War Two. Somewhere along the

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Dead Poets Society

The Good Old Days Weren’t Always Good. I remember loving Dead Poets Society when I first saw it about a million years ago in 1989. It’s a movie I see once in a while, but not so often that I

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We find ourselves in the middle of three different stories which are intimately connected to each other. All three feature creatives telling a story. The first story we see is set in a sex doll factory. Over sexualized torsos hang from

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