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My Own Worst Enemy

My Own Worst Enemy has a lot going on. I like the business about Henry and Edward-the first names of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. If there are similar gags for the many other duel personalities in the show, I

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Reborn Babies-Mega Creepy

Ok, I think normal babies are pretty creepy, but at least they will one day grow out it-well, most of them will grow out of it. Several years ago my sister was into these bizzaro world dolls that were made

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Heroes Season Three

Heroes has been a good show with occasional flashes of brilliance. Like The X-Men and The 4400 there is an ever growing group of people with Special Abilities roaming the world and it is the job of the Mundanes (that’s

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The New Knight Rider

A.I. is a bridge between art and science. Pamela McCorduck One of my standard complaints about remakes is that they take the original idea and totally trash it. The New Bionic Woman and Battlestar Galactica both worked on the general

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