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Dylan Patrick’s The Cinematic Headshot

Dylan Patrick’s The Cinematic Headshot is a tutorial from Fstoppers. In six hours Dylan shows how he shoots and Photoshops his headshots. His signature style is a bit of Hollywood style lighting and a blurred background. He’s one of those

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Selling Photos Online-Or Not So Much

One of my Twitter Buddies asked me advice on selling photos online. I’m a professional photographer. Taking portraits is how I pay the bills and what allows me to travel around the country. I don’t sell portraits online. I now

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Finding Vivian Maier

Finding Vivian Maier opens with a number of older people staring off into space. One by one they give a one word description of Vivian. Words like Private and Enigmatic finally came to most of them. Then we see this

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Selling-or Not-On Etsy

An online buddy of mine sells her jewelry and scarfs on Etsy at Chrysalis Jewelry TX, she offered me a bit of advice once I decided to give a shot at selling my fine art photography images there. She helped me

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Film Vs Digital Is this Still up for Debate?

As a photographer, I met a lot of people that want to make small talk, often enough about photography. I have been taking photos professionally for about ten years, I started off with long roll CameraZs, used Medium format Mamyias

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I love that New Job Smell

But I not getting a new job just yet. As always I am hoping that I will leave the regular rat race and become a self-employed rat, or a business owner rat, or something like that. In the mean time,

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