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Dylan Patrick’s The Cinematic Headshot

Dylan Patrick’s The Cinematic Headshot is a tutorial from Fstoppers. In six hours Dylan shows how he shoots and Photoshops his headshots. His signature style is a bit of Hollywood style lighting and a blurred background. He’s one of those

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Film Vs Digital Is this Still up for Debate?

As a photographer, I met a lot of people that want to make small talk, often enough about photography. I have been taking photos professionally for about ten years, I started off with long roll CameraZs, used Medium format Mamyias

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Annie Leibovitz and The Queen of England

BBC One is a television station in Great Brittan. The Brits love tabloids, I mean, they really love them. Even the normal newspapers have regular gossip sections and nudie photos. So anything that is scandalous is what sells. Throw in

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