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Barrack Obama’s Inauguration

George Bush has fucked up so bad, he made it hard for a white man to run for president!-Chris Rock George W Bush got a few boos as he walked on stage, and in a less enlightened time than our

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Sarah Palin? I Predicted Another Old White Guy

George Bush-Worst President Ever-is killing time until he has to hand over the keys to Airforce One. Barrack Obama, The Change Candidate, picked an old white guy as VP. And Old White Guy John McCain’s choice of Alaska Governor Sarah

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Papa George Bush thinks Baby George Bush was right

I say bring back the good old days, when Iraqis just killed other Iraqis without having to waste their resources killing the occasional American.George Bush, Sr says that Iraq is better off now than when it had Saddam Hussein running

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Pete Stark Apologises, Why?

“You don’t have money to fund the war or children. But you’re going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old enough for you to send to Iraq to get their

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Karl Rove is Out of the House

To people like me that are not all that happy with the George Bush Whitehouse, but really try not to pay too much attention to it either, Karl Rove is just one more goofy looking politician. While he doesn’t have

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