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About that book I’m writing. . .

Long dark months ago when I started this blog I mentioned that I was writing a new novel. A bit of boffo sci-fi in the near future, end of the world as we know, how will humankind ever survive kind

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Let’s have a Mojito in Dubai

You get a new red car and suddenly you notice that there are a lot of red cars. And not just any red car, but red cars like the one you just bought. So many red cars like the one

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Steak & Ale

Steak and Ale was started in 1966, according to the back of the menu I read the other day, and it looks like they haven’t changed a thing since. Which is a good thing, mostly. I don’t eat here often,

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Zen and Juggling

Zen-doctrine that enlightenment can be attained through direct intuitive insightJuggling-throwing and catching several objects simultaneouslyZen Juggling-Enlightenment through throwing and catching. Ok, not really an original idea, there was a book about enlightenment through juggling that was kind of a fun

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Juggling, Magic and The Path Not Taken

In the seventh grade I checked a book out of the school library on juggling. It was an odd little book filled with cartoon diagrams and curved arrows indicating where the balls were to go. I bought a can of

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It’s so just a job

I don’t know what I expected, but the new job, new as in less than a year old, is much like all my other jobs. I am good at the job, not that taking portraits is exactly rocket science, but

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To be a Writer, then Read

I have been reading since about the fifth grade. I know this is kind of late and sad by todays standards of forcing the little ones to read by kindergarten, but those were different times. My first real book was

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Out of the Nowhere

One of my heroes is a curmudgeonly fellow named Harlan Ellison. He is famous for ranting and raving and occasionally writing some pretty damned good sci fi, or SF as he might prefer it to be called. Once upon a

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