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Priceline and Extended Stay America

I use Priceline a lot. Like once a week or so. I’ve become a huge fan of the Express Deals feature, which often has rooms at half their normal cost. The only problem is that you don’t know which hotel

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Beezid is a Penny Auction Site, which means they have things like Kindles, DSLRS, TVs, Computers, and the like that sell for a few cents to a few dollars. The catch? You will spend a lot more than a few

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The American Gothic House

Just east of Radar O’Rielly’s home town of Ottumwa, Iowa is a tiny little town called Eldon. You make a few turns down some narrow little lanes and there at the end of one road is the house from the

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Andrew Wyeth-Looking Out, Looking In

One of the great things about the internet is you can find an image of just about any work of art ever made. This is also one of the bad things about the internet, because people decide why should I

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A Small Twitter Obsession

I’ve been using Twitter for about five years, in a mostly passive way. I tend to make about ten tweets a day, follow just about anyone who follows me, and have the occasional chats and comment exchanges. I’m one of

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Writing Novels

When something is finished, that means it’s dead, doesn’t it? I believe in everlastingness. I never finish a painting – I just stop working on it for a while. -Arshile Gorky I was fired not too long ago. Rather than

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Game of Throne Throughts

Spoilers. The first two episodes of season 4 of Game of Thrones have been very interesting. I think in part this might be due to the fact that after three seasons of constant scene shifting, character introduction, and plot lines

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Standard Elitist Rant

I like practical effects in movies, not CGI. Star Wars looks more ‘real’ than the Phantom Menace. The giant puppet Jabba the Hut looks more ‘real’ than the CGI cartoon Jabba that chatted up Han Solo in George Lucas’s new

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Frank Lloyd Wright’s Boathouse and Martin House

I’ve always liked the stuff that Frank Lloyd Wright designed-I like his windows and chairs as well as his buildings.  Wright was an odd duck, as most geniuses tend to be, and he seldom did exactly what his clients wanted. 

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Damn You Rick Berman! Er, I mean Damn You J.J. Abrams

If you don’t know who Rick Berman is, than you will never understand why so many old Trekkies now hate J.J. Abrams. Rick Berman was the producer of Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek

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